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Anabel Estrella




I can go with the classic: “I’m a passionate, curious, hard-worker and determined person whose dream is to make movies.” But I am doing that already.

I can’t stop writing, crafting stories, and feeling passionate about this whole thing of filmmaking and storytelling. But, of course, I’d love for these stories to reach out, and the same way others inspired me, do the same with my work.

I’m just starting, I know that. That’s why I can’t give you a very well defined description of my “life in 5, 10 years”. Or what genres define my style, or hell (sorry)– what’s even my style. I’ve been asked this a couple of times. I mean, I just turned 20. I’m discovering all this. Trying, failing, succeeding…

Youtube’s been my Film School, and Masterclass is the greatest workshop… or class I’ve ever tried. Truly spectacular. 

I also been to a real film school (details below) where I learned plenty about the industry; how big productions work, how to work with a team, collaboration, and the need to always be creative, open, and professional in this industry.

I started Youtube to talk about the movies I watched. Then moved to write in a more professional way to do the same thing. Then began to write my own scripts and create my own movies.

That’s what I want to do.

Some info about me

One-year Cinema Workshop

September 2017 – June 2018

Cambridge First Certificate in English (CEFR B2)

May 2018.

Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CEFR C1)

December 2020.

Everest School Monteclaro

 Graduated in 2019.

Facultad de Artes TAI

2-Year Associate’s Degree in Cinema and New Media.

International Recognition

For short film Two On Standby. Three-time award winner in Los Angeles and other wins and selections.

Dale Carnegie Workshop

Certificate of Achievement August 2018.

Writer in Online Magazines

Covering the entertainment department. Attending events with top people in the industry.