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Co-director & editor for CONCDECULTURA. Started on March 2019 as writer. Currently, I manage content, news and other writers. Control of brand and social media distriburion. I continue to write articles, rewiews and chronicles. Attendance at press events, photocalls, roundtables and interviews.

Occasional collaborator for Creative Katarsis and Actrum Producciones as writer.

In English

I’m someone with many skills, and I too am keen on writing in English. Currently, I have a Medium account where I post articles regarding entertainment, analysis, creativity and self-development.

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Projects that have already been made or small writings I was ordered to do.

Titles in English

Because for now I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot anything in English I can’t show you all of my writings.

But I can give you a sneak peek of some of them so you get an idea.