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Anabel Estrella wrote and directed her first short film, The Invisible Art, with 16 years, finding the support of a small production company.

Black Pills was her next project. Again, as writer and director. This short film had no budget and was entirely produced and filmed by a group of young people. Anabel also edited this film.

Just after turning 18, Two On Standby came. Anabel produced, wrote, directed and edited this film. This short has won several film festivals around the globe. The production was held by a group of young people between 17 and 20 years-old.


Happily Ever After

(Felices Para Siempre)


Chloe is leaving and needs money before she loses her ride. Diego, her best friend, wants to help her. So the two of them kidnap someone they are sure can give them what they want. The thing is, as humans, we make a lot of mistakes…

Anabel was writer, director and editor.

This is a short film made during film school.

La Propuesta idealista-realista


While preparing a debate, two friends face the consequences of their own opinions on the topic.

Anabel was writer and director.

This is a one-shot short film made during film school.

Two On Standby

(Dos a la espera)


Left alone at their home after a family disaster, two siblings are each waiting for a call that will change their future, but one of them involves something more dangerous than the other.

Anabel was writer and director.

Again, no production company. This is a short film made by students.

Selections & Awards

Best Student Film of the Month, Best Young Filmmaker (Anabel Estrella), Best Film of the Month, Best Foreign-Language Film of the Month – Independent Short Awards

Outstanding Achievement Award (Young Filmmaker Female), Best Short of the Season, Best Student Short, Best Foreign Short  – Indie Short Fest

Best Foreign-Language Short, Best Student Short, Best Short of the Season, Best Young Filmmaker (Anabel Estrella) – IndieX Film Fest

Best Student Short – Global Monthly Online Film Competition

Winner – Point Of View Film Awards

Finalist – Golden Bridge Istanbul Short Film Festival

Semi-Finalist – Framed Stories Film Awards

Semi-Finalist – Los Angeles, jellyFEST – Season 6

Official Selection – Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival

Official Selection – New York Istanbul Short Film Festival

Official Selection – After Hour Film Festival

Official Selection – Anatolia International Film Festival

Official Selection – Phoenix Monthly Short Film Festival

Official Selection – Monthly Indie Shorts

Official Selection – Vesuvius International Film Festival

Honorable Mention – Hollywood New Directors

The Invisible Art   (El arte invisible)


A young musician is looking for a new guitar player like crazy, but he doesn’t realize the answer is right in front of him.

This short film was live screened in El Pequeño Cine Estudio in Madrid on June 2018.

Black Pills


In a future 2030, a drug known as Black Pills starts to spread. It provokes different reactions depending on whom takes them. A retired computer scientist meets a journalist to reveal secrets that can destroy this business. Meanwhile, two friends are trying to figure out how the Deep Web works.

Many scenes of this short film were filmed in interior locations with the collaboration of such companies as Viena Capellanes and Cinesa.

Most of this film was shot with a phone and there were serious problems with the sound and image.

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